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Q: Do all tickets have demerit points?
A: No. If you are found guilty some tickets result in demerit points and some do not.

Q: How long do demerit points stay on my driving record?
A: In Alberta demerit points remain on a person’s driving record for 2 years from the conviction date (that is from the day you were found guilty).

Q: What is a conviction and how long does it stay on my driving record?
A: The record of a traffic ticket on your driving record is called a conviction. In Alberta the conviction remains on your driving record for 3 years from the conviction date.

Q: Describe the Service you will provide to me?
A: We will provide you with the best traffic ticket defence. We will go over the Crown’s evidence, determine any strengths and weaknesses, give you our recommendations, (based upon experience and expertise) and provide court representation. At TICKETS we work for you. You are in the driver’s seat. We will prepare your case for court, provide you with all the options, and you determine what course of action we should follow on your behalf.

Q: How successful are you?
A: We get results most of the time. If we didn’t get results we wouldn’t be in business for 20 years. We can argue against the Crown regarding sentencing.

Q: Can I represent myself?
A: Probably... however, do you understand the court system? Can you afford to take time off work? Can you afford to lose your driver’s licence? Can you afford to pay the increased auto Insurance rates if you lose?

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Fees are based upon type of charge and court location. Traffic ticket fees start from $75.00.

Q: What if the Police Officer doesn’t come to Court?
A: This doesn’t necessarily mean your ticket will be thrown out. The Crown may decide to ask for a new court date or may decide to proceed without the police officer present.

Q: What if there is a mistake on the ticket?
A: If there is a mistake on the ticket, the police officer can provide you with a replacement ticket within 6 months of the offence date. Some mistakes will render your ticket invalid and some mistakes will have no effect on the validity of your ticket. We will look over your ticket and let you know what can be done.

Q: Do I have to go to Court?
A: No. In most cases, we will go to court for you. In some circumstances, however, it is important to have you attend court with us. If you do come to court with us, you will be advised thoroughly of court procedures so that you don’t feel uncomfortable.

Facts: If you are found guilty of the charge on your Summons the Judge/Commissioner has the option of suspending your licence and imposing jail time.

Facts: Insurance companies usually will increase auto insurance rates based upon the number of convictions you have on your driving record as well as the type of conviction.

Facts: If this is your first offence for no insurance and you are found guilty, the minimum fine is $2,875.00 and the maximum fine is $11,500.00.

Facts: If this is your second offence for no insurance within 5 years and you are found guilty, the minimum fine is $5,750.00 and the maximum fine is $23,000.00.

An Alberta driver’s licence may be suspended by:

Facts: If you are found guilty of Driving with a Suspended/Unauthorized Licence and this is a first offence, you may be fined up to $2,300.00 and receive a 6-month licence suspension (in rare cases the Judge/Commissioner may impose a maximum fine of $25,000.00)

Facts: If you are found guilty of Driving with a Suspended/Unauthorized Licence and this is a second offence within 1 year, you may serve jail time, receive licence suspension and be fined up to $25,000.00.


Facts: Drive While Suspended/Unauthorized

If you are involved in an accident and issued a traffic ticket, you may want to consult with your insurance broker to discuss insurance consequence in detail before you pay any ticket. Paying that ticket may seem like a short-term solution but may end up costing you considerable money in the long term. DO YOU WANT TO PAY INCREASED AUTO INSURANCE RATES?

If you have been charged with any criminal charge such as Impaired Driving, Refusal to Provide Breath Sample, Dangerous Driving and Driving While Disqualified, YOU NEED A LAWYER.

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